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Need an Automotive Torque Wrench?

Need a professional grade torque wrench to tighten up your metric fasteners? Look no further than MountzPro! These are the official torque wrenches used by Mr. Metric, especially for automotive uses. Whether he is working on a hobby project in the garage or working down at the shop, he always has a MountzPro professional torque wrench in hand.

True Scale Digital Torque WrenchMountzPro has two great models to fit your individual needs. Their True Dual Scale Torque Wrench is unlike other dual scale wrenches. This torque wrench is calibrated and certified in both the American and S.I. scale. for easy calibration with minimal hassle. Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Metric Washers

Metric fasteners seem simple enough until it’s time for you to actually select the exact kind that you need. There are actually a wide variety of types, styles and grades to choose from. This is not only true of metric bolts or metric screws – it also applies when you’re looking for the right metric washer for the job. Flat washers, curved washers, split washers, internal and external washers – what’s the difference?

Let’s take a look at the various categories offered by Mr. Metric. Our best seller is the good old flat washer, a thin, flat metal sphere with a large hole cut in its center. This versatile washer provides plenty of tension between the head of a screw or nut and the substrate for general-purpose applications. Curved washers and wave washers exert a lighter thrust load than flat washers and are used in rotating mechanisms such as bearings, motors and seals.

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