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Self-Checkout Systems in Beta Require Small Metric Fastener Quantities: No Problem!

Bill’s company designs self-checkout systems used in grocery stores.  He chooses Mr. Metric for his unique metric fastener needs because he requires unique and hard to find Self-Tapping Screws that can’t be found in other hardware stores.

Bill also has a great deal of trust when ordering metric fasteners from Mr. Metric. He knows that even in a time crunch, we’ll come through.

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Bill uses Mr. Metric fasteners for his motorcycle!

Bill is using his Mr. Metric fasteners on his BMW motorcycle to improve his ride with new accessories and attachments. Mr. Metric fasteners are great for motorcycle customizations, repairs or regular maintenance.

Mr. Metric has a vast selection of metric fasteners from metric screws, metric nuts, metric bolts, metric washers, metric pins, in a variety of materials like steel, stainless steel, brass and more. Need a hard to find fastener for your bike? You have come to the right place! Mr. Metric specializes in selling metric fasteners you won’t find anywhere else.

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Different Drives for Different Metric Screws

Metric Fasteners with Different Drives

Does the sheer variety of screw drive types, from flat-head to Phillips and everything in between, drive you crazy when it’s time to buy? The “drive” is the combination of tool and screw-head pattern that allows the screw to turn — but unless you know why these different drives exist and what each type brings to the table, you might as well just guess blindly as to what you need and why you need it. Let’s examine why all these metric drives exist and how they function.

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Applying The Right Torque

Metric Fasteners and Torque

Proper Torque

Applying the right torque to a fastener is something of a balancing act. Add too little torque and your fastener becomes a “non-fastener “– it simply slides back out of the hole. Add too much torque, however, and the force may be more than the screw can bear, causing stripped threads or even outright breakage. The materials that make up the fastener will have some say in how much torque you can safely apply. Nylon and softer metals will enjoy less torque tolerance than, say, stainless steel. Automated assembly lines for specific applications have to be told how much torque to apply. Once the ideal amount of torque is known for a particular assembly or sub-assembly, the machines that drive the fasteners into place can then deliver that precise amount every time.

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A Guide to Metric Fastener Plating

Mr. Metric’s Custom Services for Metric Fasteners

You may have noticed that Mr. Metric offers plating among its other custom services for its clients. This means you can choose from a plethora of zinc, cadmium, gold, nickel, chrome and other finishes for your metric bolts, metric washers and metric nuts. But why does the choice of plating matter — and how do you know what kind of plating to select?Metric Socket Screw Steel Grade 8.8 Zinc

Plating is simply covering a conductive surface with a metallic coating, such as hot-dip galvanization to coat a steel fastener with a layer of zinc, or electroplating to add a layer of cadmium or chromium. We do this to take advantage of some desirable characteristic in the plating material. Sometimes that characteristic is purely cosmetic. If you want a bright, shiny look to your screw heads, get them plated in chrome. If you want black fasteners without having to paint them, order them in black zinc.

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Retaining Rings: An Instant Shoulder for Your Components

Sometimes modifying an assembly with a convenient, affordable “add-on” part just makes more sense than making your machining operations even more complex than they already are. For instance, if you need to create a shoulder on a shaft or inside a bore, you have to use more total material and spend extra machining the shoulder, both of which will cost your business extra money. It can be a lot cheaper and easier to fit the shoulder on as a separate piece. So here at Mr. Metric we offer internal and external retaining rings for just that purpose.

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