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Snowmobile Upgrades Using Metric Pipe Plug Screws

David Elliot is using Mr. Metric fasteners on his snowmobiles to improve the snow machine’s performance while also reducing the weight of the machine. These metric pipe plug screw’s tapered thread design allows for an excellent high pressure seal.

See how David is using this to his advantage:

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Metric Bolts: A Variety of Options

Do your eyes glaze over at all the metric bolt choices? We know it can be kind of confusing, especially if you’re not used to ordering metric parts. Let’s look at the meaning of some common terms in the world of “bolt-ology.”

Bolts have different heads that identify their use for different applications. Hex bolts, for instance are simply bolts that have a hexagonal, or six-sided shape to their head. These bolts may have threads extending either halfway or all the way down the shaft and generally require nuts and washers to hold themselves in place. Flange bolts are instantly identifiable by a flat flange that somewhat resembles a washer peeking out from underneath the head but is actually part of the head itself. The flange grips onto the substrate and distributes the clamping force across it just as a washer would, saving you the need for that separate part.

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DIN and Standards for Fasteners

DIN and Standards for FastenersMost of the world has gone metric in its industrial measurement standards, which is why Mr. Metric enjoys such a booming business as the premier supplier of metric fasteners in the U.S. But since we don’t necessarily “think metric” on this side of the planet, it’s understandable that you might be puzzled by the various international standards sporting esoteric acronyms such as DIN and JIS. Allow us to shed a little light on the subject so that you can order your metric fasteners with confidence.

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Metric Dowel Pins

Metric Dowel PinIf you want to mate two pieces of an assembly together with perfect accuracy and minimal “play,” you need metric dowel pins. These pins are short versions of dowel rods — cylindrical lengths of a solid material driven into the matching holes of two components to hold those components together accurately. You’ve doubtless worked with dowel pins, either wooden or metal, every time you had to assemble a prefabricated desk or other piece of furniture. Metal dowel pins are used to hold stonework together. And of course steel metric dowel pins are everywhere in the world of machinery production.

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SEMs: Pre-assembled Fasteners

If you want to boost the speed and efficiency of your assembly processes, you should look into SEMS, or “pre-asSEMbled” fasteners. These handy devices combine the screw and the washer into a single component, eliminating the need to match the right items up and slip the washer into place by hand. It also simplifies your inventory by giving you one part to track and purchase instead of two. SEMs have been around since the 1930s and come in inch-measure or metric varieties. (Guess which kind we sell!)

SEMs typically come with some form of lockwasher to prevent slippage once the screw is firmly secured. Two popular choices include internal-tooth and external-tooth lockwashers. Internal-tooth SEMs have teeth inside diameter of the lockwasher to bite into the substrate and hold the washer in place, while external-tooth SEMs perform the same task with teeth extending from the outside diameter of the washer.

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The Facts About Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless SteelYou’ve probably heard a lot about stainless steel this and that. but what’s the big deal about stainless steel — and when do you need to choose stainless steel fasteners for your project?

First let’s examine what goes into stainless steel that makes it, well, stainless. Ordinary carbon steel met the world’s steel needs for centuries, finding its way into everything from building projects to swords, but it was by no means a perfect metal. Before you could say “Taste my steel!” the exposure of the steel’s surface to oxygen would lead to oxidation, which would show itself in the form of iron oxide — in short, it would rust. The more corrosive your environment, the faster oxidation would take place. If you lived by the seaside, forget about it.

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Thread-Forming Screws Make Their Own Way

So you need to drive a metric screw into plastic, wood or sheet metal, but there isn’t a threaded hole where you’d normally need one? Well, if you have the right screw, there’s no need to spend valuable time setting up a tap to create female-threaded holes precisely mated to the screws you want to use. A thread-forming screw will make its own threads as you drive it into the material. Problem solved!

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Retaining Rings: An Instant Shoulder for Your Components

Sometimes modifying an assembly with a convenient, affordable “add-on” part just makes more sense than making your machining operations even more complex than they already are. For instance, if you need to create a shoulder on a shaft or inside a bore, you have to use more total material and spend extra machining the shoulder, both of which will cost your business extra money. It can be a lot cheaper and easier to fit the shoulder on as a separate piece. So here at Mr. Metric we offer internal and external retaining rings for just that purpose.

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