Metric Dowel Pins

Metric Dowel PinIf you want to mate two pieces of an assembly together with perfect accuracy and minimal “play,” you need metric dowel pins. These pins are short versions of dowel rods — cylindrical lengths of a solid material driven into the matching holes of two components to hold those components together accurately. You’ve doubtless worked with dowel pins, either wooden or metal, every time you had to assemble a prefabricated desk or other piece of furniture. Metal dowel pins are used to hold stonework together. And of course steel metric dowel pins are everywhere in the world of machinery production.

Dowel pins are used to increase the precision and security of an assembly. They fit tightly into their holes, with one end of the pin chamfered to introduce it into the hole and the other end “crowning” the entry point. Dowel pins are often used in conjunction with other metric fasteners.

Obviously strength and reliability are huge factors in selecting dowel pins that actually do what they’re supposed to do. Here at Mr. Metric we offer two durable varieties — our standard steel alloy dowel pin, and a stainless steel dowel pin that resists corrosion. Let us know if you need help deciding which part is right for you.

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