Metric Fasteners for Bicycles: Let the Part Fit the Usage

metrics fasteners for bikes

If you know anything about cycling at all, you know that weight affects speed in a big way.

That’s why so many bicycle hobbyist are obsessed with finding the lightest parts and components possible for their bikes, right down to the metric fasteners holding the thing together.

Light frame tubing metals such as aluminum, magnesium and especially titanium may dazzle you with the promise of minimal density. So it seems sensible enough to use metric fasteners made of super-lightweight materials as well — that is, until your bike falls apart.

What went wrong? For one thing, you may have overlooked the issue of corrosion. If you habitually ride near seawater, the salt air or dampness may have eaten away at metal fasteners not intended for that environment. Even your daily commute can contribute to this problem. Do you strap your bike to the top of your car, and if so, do you live in a rainy climate? Do you take the ferry? Do you live or work around an acidic industrial environment? If any of that sounds familiar, then stainless steel is probably your best bet if you want durable, corrosion-resistant metric fasteners. Even if the rest of your bike has some kind of special composites or coatings to protect it from the elements, it will only be as strong as its weakest links.

So before you spend huge amounts of time and money buying up the most esoteric “space age” metric bolts and other parts, ask yourself honestly: How do you use your bike? Where do you ride it most of the time? How weather-proof is its storage area? Buy fasteners for strength — and buy them from Mr. Metric! We have all the standard metric fasteners you’re likely to need. Happy biking!

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