Mr. Metric Spreads Some Christmas Cheer

Our first metric fastener story comes from Martin Seebach in California. Thanks for your submission, Marty!

It may not be a Christmas miracle, but Mr. Metric found a way to assist Martin when he was in need of a metric retaining ring to fix a piece of ranch equipment.  Read on for the story in Marty’s words:

I haven’t bought anything but do want to convey appreciation about your service level. Our beat up old ranch extendaho (grin) needed new steering parts. I found (amazing) kingpin assy, ordered and received it then the fun began late one night. Felt like some tea and put pot of water on to boil. A bit later it seemed smokey in my bedroom so I wander to wood burner and fiddled with it. Went back to bedroom and 10 or so minutes later the smoke is thicker. While skewing with stove again I notice smoke spewing under door to kitchen. I open door and am greeted with merrily burning cook top fire. A bag of coffee beans had melted. The flow pushed packing slip onto burner and away it went. Hardened steel parts are fine but rubber bits gone, bearings and retainers now coated with ash. Dumped everything into inch of diesel after turning off stove and went to bed. A day or 3 later Craig and I began putting steering back together. We can’t find either of new snap rings nor bent old one. Personally I believe my ‘starving’ kitties hid them but they ain’t talking.

Anywho….ran across your website and have been WAY impressed because;
1) Sent e-mail about 7AM Dec 24 hoping you had a snap ring near correct size.
2) You were open that day.

Tim called me around 8:30AM and said you were open and had stock of size needed. I drove into town and found your shop easily. He came out to counter and handed me 2. Since only one was needed I gave him back the other and he said, “Merry Christmas.” WOW, WAY cool Tim, thanks. It is too small but I am highly impressed.

Today I wandered to your website and again am impressed. Loads fast, primary language is English and judging from pics showing, ‘Vous etes ice, la porte est voici,’ y’all pay attention to small issues and deal with them competently. RIGHT ON!

That’s my tail (grin) and I’m sticking to it.

Peace, happy holy dayz, out,


Thanks again for sharing, Marty.  You’re now entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card in this quarter’s drawing.

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