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The Different Metric Machine Screw Heads and Their Uses

metic machine screwWhen it comes to keeping things together, engineers, designers, and builders overwhelmingly choose metric machine screws. They’re in everything from kitchen cabinets to deep-space probes. Given the wide variety of things put together with metric machine screws, it’s no surprise that there is such a wide variety of metric screws to choose from. Learn about the different types of metric machine screws and when to use them.

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The Right Fastener For The Job


One fastener does not fit all. Do you have the right ones for your needs?

Many of the screws we sell work for a wide range of applications. Examples of good general-purpose fasteners include our line of metric pan screws, which come in slotted, Philips or Torx varieties. If you don’t have, say, a truss, or binding head screw, you can most likely drop one of these in as a substitute. Other screws, however, work well in one type of situation but not in another.

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What Are Metric Socket Head Cap Screws?

Metric Socket Head Cap ScrewWhile we sell all kinds of metric fasteners here at Mr. Metric, the most popular of all our metric screws are our metric socket head cap screws. Why does this product stand out as a popular favorite? The answer, in a word, is versatility.

If you go to this section on our website, you’ll see several different categories of socket head cap screws, including flat head screws, button head screws, pipe plug screws, dog screws, shoulder screws and others. While the sheer variety may seem confusing, all socket head cap screws share certain general characteristics.. These screws have a rounded cap-shaped head with a six-sided hex drive to accommodate an Allen socket wrench. Side grooves on the cap also allow you screw it in manually if you don’t have a screwdriver on you.

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Thread-Forming Screws Make Their Own Way

So you need to drive a metric screw into plastic, wood or sheet metal, but there isn’t a threaded hole where you’d normally need one? Well, if you have the right screw, there’s no need to spend valuable time setting up a tap to create female-threaded holes precisely mated to the screws you want to use. A thread-forming screw will make its own threads as you drive it into the material. Problem solved!

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