The Perfect Metric Jam Nut for an Auto Project in the Right Quantity

Chris was making a custom piece for his car and needed some uncommon hardware. He was having trouble finding a 7mm jam nut—until he came to Mr. Metric.

Not only did Chris find exactly what he was looking for, but he was also shocked when he was not forced to buy these jam nuts in large quantity. Unlike other online stores where high minimum orders were required, Chris was able to order just the pieces he needed.

See what Chris had to say:

I used them in a home made project to build a lock for my convertible “boot”. I had a trailer hitch lock cut and threaded and the size ended up to be 7mm. When I put my invention together I realized that a normal hex nut was too thick. I looked everywhere for a thin 7mm jam nut and couldn’t find one. Even the internet came up short until I found your site. I wasn’t forced into buying 100 either. I only needed two and got a pack of ten. Without this nut I would have had to have someone weld the lock in place. Thanks a million.

Here is the finished lock Chris put together using the jam nut.

jam nut









We were excited to hear that we were able to help Chris avoid the headache and cost of finding and hiring a welder to complete his home project.

His story is a good example of why Mr. Metric offers what others do not: because we want to help all types of customers.

At Mr. Metric, you can:

  • Find rare hardware for all of your fastening needs
  • Order the quantity that you need, whether it is small or large

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