The Right Fastener For The Job


One fastener does not fit all. Do you have the right ones for your needs?

Many of the screws we sell work for a wide range of applications. Examples of good general-purpose fasteners include our line of metric pan screws, which come in slotted, Philips or Torx varieties. If you don’t have, say, a truss, or binding head screw, you can most likely drop one of these in as a substitute. Other screws, however, work well in one type of situation but not in another.

Sometimes it is the material that makes the difference. Nylon, for example, is great for electrical assembly work because it doesn’t conduct electricity and won’t corrode. But for large-scale structural fastening, nylon just isn’t strong enough. Our stainless steel screws, on the other hand, are both strong and corrosion-resistant for those big outdoor industrial applications. But environmental considerations can mean more than just “indoors versus outdoors.” Fasteners used in boats, for instance, must stand up against seawater, as our stainless A-4 metric hex bolts do.

And what about head types? Do you know when you need socket or socket shoulder screws, button head screws, or pipe plug screws, and what application each kind of screw performs best? Chances are you don’t — and that’s why you need us. Here at Mr. Metric, we live and breathe fastener technology. We also provide a certain degree of application information on our product description pages, but we’re also happy to advise you personally on the ideal screws, nuts or bolts for your specific needs.

If you have any doubts on what parts you need, then before you place that order — contact us or ask Mr. Metric a question. We want you to be happy first and foremost, and that includes making sure you order the right fastener for the job.

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