The Wonderful World of Metric Washers

Metric fasteners seem simple enough until it’s time for you to actually select the exact kind that you need. There are actually a wide variety of types, styles and grades to choose from. This is not only true of metric bolts or metric screws – it also applies when you’re looking for the right metric washer for the job. Flat washers, curved washers, split washers, internal and external washers – what’s the difference?

Let’s take a look at the various categories offered by Mr. Metric. Our best seller is the good old flat washer, a thin, flat metal sphere with a large hole cut in its center. This versatile washer provides plenty of tension between the head of a screw or nut and the substrate for general-purpose applications. Curved washers and wave washers exert a lighter thrust load than flat washers and are used in rotating mechanisms such as bearings, motors and seals.

Metric Flat WashersMetric Curved WashersMetric Wave Washers

A split washer resembles a flat washer when viewed from the top, except for the obvious split in one section of the metal, but a side view reveals a slight coil in its design. This extra bearing surface distributes force loads more evenly for better tension control. A thicker variation called a Hi-Collar washer is a great alternative if you’re using smaller-headed screws.

Metric Split Lock WasherMetric Lock Hi-Collar Washer






We also carry two kinds of “tooth-lock” washers. External washers have a row of teeth along their outer edge that bite into the substrate for a superior grip. Internal washers have teeth on the inside of the washer hole – they don’t lock quite as effectively as external washers, but they look nicer in circumstances where cosmetic appeal comes first.

Metric External WashersMetric Internal Washers

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