What Are Metric Socket Head Cap Screws?

Metric Socket Head Cap ScrewWhile we sell all kinds of metric fasteners here at Mr. Metric, the most popular of all our metric screws are our metric socket head cap screws. Why does this product stand out as a popular favorite? The answer, in a word, is versatility.

If you go to this section on our website, you’ll see several different categories of socket head cap screws, including flat head screws, button head screws, pipe plug screws, dog screws, shoulder screws and others. While the sheer variety may seem confusing, all socket head cap screws share certain general characteristics.. These screws have a rounded cap-shaped head with a six-sided hex drive to accommodate an Allen socket wrench. Side grooves on the cap also allow you screw it in manually if you don’t have a screwdriver on you.

In a previous article we talked about how different drive heads offer different benefits. Well, the Allen wrench that you use on a socket head cap screw will only fit onto the screw when inserted perfectly straight — there’s no wiggle room there, and therefore no possibility to stripping the head from applying the tool at an an improper angle. No stripping means fewer wasted screws, less overall effort and perhaps most important of all, less valuable assembly time wasted.

Which kind of metric socket head cap screw is best for you? It depends on the industrial application. Screws with longer caps may be easier to unscrew, if that’s what you need, while flat or button-style caps lie flat for inconspicuous fastening. The black ones offer extra corrosion resistance, while the chrome ones have that shiny industrial look. If you can’t make up your mind, just contact us and we’ll help you pick the right socket head cap screw for the job.

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