Mountz Torque: Mr. Metric’s Day Job

Mountz Logo for WebsiteMountz Torque is the torque tool specialist. No matter what you need torque related Mountz has it. Offering a wide selection of torque analyzers and sensors, wrenches, screw drivers, multipliers and more they have the products and expertise to help you find exactly what you need.

Since 1965 Mountz Inc. has been a highly respected and trusted name in the development, production, marketing and servicing of quality torque tools. They offer solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, medical, packaging and many others. For nearly 50 years Mountz Inc. has been the leader in quality tools, service and knowledge in the field of torque control. Visit the Mountz Inc. site today.

Mr. Metric is a proud division of Mountz Inc.

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Mr. Metric is the spokesperson for, an online store for metric fasteners. Get $7.50 flat shipping with no minimum orders, plus advice and best practices for using metric fasteners in any application.

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