Need an Automotive Torque Wrench?

Need a professional grade torque wrench to tighten up your metric fasteners? Look no further than MountzPro! These are the official torque wrenches used by Mr. Metric, especially for automotive uses. Whether he is working on a hobby project in the garage or working down at the shop, he always has a MountzPro professional torque wrench in hand.

True Scale Digital Torque WrenchMountzPro has two great models to fit your individual needs. Their True Dual Scale Torque Wrench is unlike other dual scale wrenches. This torque wrench is calibrated and certified in both the American and S.I. scale. for easy calibration with minimal hassle.

Flex Head Torque WrenchThe MountzPro Digital Flex  Head Torque Wrench makes reaching the desired torque level a breeze. It has a digital display that displays real time torque values. Simply pre-set the desired torque value and apply force until the green LED light illuminates and the handle starts to vibrate.

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