Save Time and Money: Order Metric Fasteners Online

To remain productive and profitable, manufacturers and machine shops need the right fasteners at the right time. They can’t risk running low on metric bolts, screws, and nuts, and they can’t rely on hardware stores having the fastener they need in stock. Ordering metric fasteners online with Mr. Metric’s intuitive, searchable interface offers multiple advantages over box stores.

Speed and Convenience

With Mr. Metric’s online ordering, you won’t be faced with the hassle of fighting traffic or going store to store looking for the specific fastener you need. Gone are the days of wandering the cavernous warehouse store’s aisles, confronted with box after box of randomly arranged fasteners. No more spending an hour digging through various styles, lengths, diameters, and finishes only to discover the fastener you need is out of stock. With SAE fasteners still being more common in the US, many hardware stores only stock a small amount of metric fasteners making it a challenge to find the metric fasteners you need.

By ordering from Mr. Metric’s online store, you can quickly find the exact items you need from the comfort of your home, office or even from your phone while out on the go. You never have to worry about store hours. Our online portal is always open. Simply enter the quantities desired, and proceed to checkout. Most orders ship the same day we receive them.

Huge Selection of Metric Fasteners

With thousands of SKUs of every type, size, material, and thread configuration in stock, Mr. Metric’s fastener selection is wider and deeper than big box stores’. We often receive referrals from home and hardware stores to fulfill orders they cannot. Due to their limited shelf space, they usually carry only basic metric fasteners in common sizes. The metric products we have available online include not only nuts, bolts, and screws, but washers and such indispensable accessories as hex keys and thread checkers. Check out our selection.

Better Prices

Contrary to what some believe, online ordering does not have to include exorbitant shipping charges. All orders over $50 placed on Mr. Metric’s Ecommerce store for delivery within the U.S. ship free! Smaller domestic orders will be delivered at the standard rate of $7.50. No minimum order is required, making Mr. Metric’s online ordering an economical solution. With our low overhead, we can pass the savings along to our customers. This lower cost-per-piece often makes the total price paid – even when we must charge for shipping – less than that of our brick-and-mortar competitors, especially when considering time spent commuting, gas used, and lost productivity during a trip to the store. Click here to learn more about all our shipping options.

Instant Information

Mr. Metric’s online ordering interface includes short descriptions of our products, specifications for each fastener and their common applications. You can easily narrow searches by thread pitch, diameter, length, grade, material, finish, and other specifications to help find exactly what you need. Just as important, our product pages include real-time prices and availability, complete with any bulk discounts that may apply. You’ll know immediately if any items are out of stock or backordered, rather than driving to a store and finding out when you get there that the fastener you need is unavailable.

Professional Expertise

Unlike the experience at many home improvement and hardware stores, Mr. Metric’s customer support professionals specialize in only metric fasteners. Our employees are experts when it comes to metric fasteners and their applications and will be happy to help you find whatever metric fastener you need.

You can contact our customer support team by filling out a short form online or calling us at 1-866-501-9504 for immediate support.

Mr. Metric is dedicated to making finding and ordering the exact metric fasteners you need as easy and painless as possible. From our easy-to-use search portal to comprehensive product and application information, Mr. Metric is your one-stop shop for all your metric fastening needs. So next time you need a metric fastener, save your self time and money and gain peace of mind by shopping with Mr. Metric.

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