The Metric Fastener Supplier for 3D Printers

A Mr. Metric customer, Cody Schmidt used a variety of metric fasteners to modify and upkeep his Lulzbot Taz5 3D printer. When he found a modification plan online that he wanted to implement he realized the adjustments needed for the job required very specific bolt sizes that most providers did not offer as they are hard to find or extremely rare.

Cody was very pleased when he learned that Mr. Metric carries a large range of specialty sized bolts, including the exact ones he was looking for. Cody stated:

“The most awkward size bolt I have ever used was used here too. A lonely m3x60mm bolt. But what I learned most importantly was that when reordering some parts, the shipping speeds here help big time.”

Cody even used metric fasteners from Mr. Metric when certain parts of the build-out called for imperial sizes as he could not find anyone offering these hard to find imperial fasteners. He was able to find the conversions from imperial to metric and find fasteners that fit his need.


Mr. Metric’s fast and reliable shipping services also helped Cody quickly get the parts he needed and get the project done faster than anticipated.

As most 3D printers rely on metric fasteners for assembly and modifications Mr. Metric is proud to be your metric fastener supplier and welcome any 3D printer questions you may have for us. Check out our other post about 3D printers and common fasteners used to assemble them.

Thank you for sharing your story Cody! He is now entered to win a $100 gift card in this quarter’s drawing.

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